Too Much Twitter? Here's How To Shut 'Em Up

Sick of reading about Twitter*? Sick of reading blog posts by people who profess to be sick of reading about twitter? Skip this one.

For the rest of us, who are at least a little intrigued with the service and its possiblities: Here’s an interesting Twitter app that tries to solve one of the messaging service’s problems, but really ends up highlighting it — the fact that the more you use Twitter, the more likely you are to find the Twitterstream full of messages you’re not interested in.

It’s the same problem that any social network has: The more friends/followers/whatevers you add, the more you struggle with signal-to-noise. And it’s a particular problem with the early-adopting blogging set that’s claimed Twitter for itself.

TwitterSnooze offers a temporary solution: The ability to “pause” one of your pals’ tweets for a day or more. But as satisfying as that sounds, it won’t work long-term: For starters, anyone you “snooze” is eventually informed of that fact, which makes it much too passive-aggressive for our tastes (and we’re from Minnesota).

The bigger problem: It’s still too binary. What we really need is a way to prioritise Tweets from people we care about, or a way to filter messages for value/priority/etc.

Of course that undermines Twitter’s addictive simplicity, which might lead one to think that you’d be better off without the service at all. But you’re unlikely to hear that from TwitterSnooze’s creator: Andrew Parker is an associate at Twitter investor Union Square Ventures.

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*Oh, while we’re at it: Reports that Twitter has raised $15 million or $20 million last week aren’t true. As we’ve previously reported, the company would like to raise something in that range. But there’s no signed term sheet or any other version of a done deal.

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