Tony Shepherd Will Make $1500 A Day As Joe Hockey's Auditor

Photo: Getty/Matt King

Tony Shepherd, the chief exec of lobby group The Business Council of Australia will be paid $1500 per day chairing the government’s audit commission.

This was confirmed by Finance Minister Mathias Cormann, according to Fairfax. The other commissioners on the committee will take home the same rate.

In the article Cormann says they will work 8-hour days, and when they don’t they will be paid on a pro-rata basis.

The committee is searching for areas of duplication, with the government looking for ways to save money.

Peter Boxall, the former finance department secretary, ex-Treasury boss Tony Cole, Liberal minister Amanda Vandstone and Robert Fisher, who was the WA director general are the other commissioners.

Cormann said the $1500 reflected their experience and skills: Basically, they’re worth it.

They have a 3-month deadline for the first report.

There’s more here.

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