Tony Shepherd And Jennifer Westacott From The BCA Met With Kevin Rudd In Canberra Today

Kevin Rudd had a meeting with the boss of Australia’s peak business group in Canberra today.

Kevin Rudd after seizing power Photo: Getty/ Stefan Postles

According to a statement released by Business Council of Australia president Tony Shepherd, the new PM met with him as well as the group’s CEO Jennifer Westacott.

“It was a constructive meeting. The Prime Minister is keenly aware of the nation’s economic challenges, and the need for government to work more closely and cooperatively with business to address it,” said Shepherd.

Loss of competitiveness and its impact on economic growth and employment was one of a range of topics discussed, according to the statement.

Also at the meeting were members of the resurrected Labor leader’s team, and all agreed to keep talking about practical, achievable policy, though there was no announcement made.

The BCA was unable to confirm if other Labor ministers were present at the meeting. A spokesperson for the Prime Minister’s office was not immediately available.

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