The Late Tony Scott's Most Memorable Ads

top gunRIP, Tony Scott.

Tony Scott, the award-winning writer/director/producer behind hundreds of commercials in addition to Hollywood blockbusters, committed suicide Sunday by jumping off a bridge.The late 68-year-old, best known for movies including “Top Gun” and “True Romance,” also boasted an impressive repertoire of ads he directed with RSA Films, the production company he owned with his brother, Ridley Scott. 

Earlier this month, Scott released his final commercial with BBDO, a very Scott-esque, high-impact spot for Diet Mountain Dew.

In homage to his prolific career, Business Insider compiled a slideshow of some of his most memorable commercials. Like his films, the ads are filled with action sequences, sweeping cinematic shots, and Hollywood stars.

This new, quirky spot for Mountain Dew was the last commercial Scott would ever direct. The ad features classic Scott imagery of a speeding boat and the star power of Dallas Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban.

Agency: BBDO

Date: August 2012

Dodge Ram Challenge

This high-impact, interactive spot ran on TV and the web. It describes the Dodge Ram Challenge and stars the real participants, the real race course, and the Dodge trucks used to compete.

Agency: BBDO Moscow

Date: October 2008

'Beat the Devil' is a short film starring Clive Owen, James Brown, Gary Oldman, and the BMW Z4, of course, drag racing down the Las Vegas strip.

Agency: Fallow Minneapolis

Date: 2003

Scott drew star power to his ads. Anthony Hopkins headlined this Barclays spot.

Agency: Leagas Delaney

Date: 2000

Watch Marlon Brando stare off into the distance, pondering the meaning of life … and an Italian communication technology company.

Agency: Leagus Delaney, Rome

Date: 2000

See how Tony and Ridley compared their artistic styles.

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