Tony Romo once again stunned NFL viewers with his uncanny ability to predict play calls during the AFC Championship

Matthew Eisman/Getty ImagesTony Romo seems to always know what play is coming at a big moment in the game.
  • The Patriots defeated the Chiefs 37-31 in overtime in the AFC Championship, earning their third straight trip to the Super Bowl.
  • Through the Patriots final drives, colour commentator Tony Romo once again showed off his uncanny ability to predict the upcoming play.
  • The broadcast from Romo and play-by-play commentator Jim Nantz was a great preview of what the two will bring to the Super Bowl in two weeks.

The New England Patriots are heading to the Super Bowl for the third straight year after defeating the Kansas City Chiefs 37-31 in overtime in the AFC Championship.

It was a game full of wild momentum swings, including dramatic replays, and not one, but two clutch touchdown drives from Tom Brady and the Patriots offence.

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Sunday’s game also gave NFL fans a glimpse of what CBS colour commentator Tony Romo will have to offer for the Super Bowl, as he prepares to call his first Super Bowl alongside Jim Nantz in two weeks.

Romo became a broadcasting superstar last season for his uncanny ability to predict what play an offence was going to run before the snap. This season, some fans were disappointed as Romo toned down his predictions, instead opting to offer a more standard commentary and analysis.

But on Sunday, CBS took the reins off Romo, and during the final thrilling sequence of the AFC Championship game, Romo was calling the Patriots plays so spot on he might as well have been their offensive coordinator.

On Twitter, people were clearly happy that the old Romo was back, and absolutely enthralled with his predictions.^tfw^tfw

Romo will call his first ever Super Bowl in just two weeks, introducing himself as a commentator to the biggest television audience American sports has to offer. If he has a good a day as he did this past Sunday, it should be a phenomenal broadcast.

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