Self-Help Guru Tony Robbins Explains The Mindset Of A Millionaire

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Does it seem like no matter how much money you make, there is never enough to cover all your expenses?

Are you living paycheck-to-paycheck and fear you might continue to do so forever?

There are a number of circumstances you can easily blame for your situation: A down economy, high unemployment, falling savings interest rates; but maybe the problem isn’t any of those things — it’s you.

Best-selling self-help author, “peak performance coach” and actor, Tony Robbins, uses the power of his words to change lives for the better every day, including the financial situations of those struggling with money. Robbins explains that the obstacle to achieving greatness — including great wealth — isn’t any external factor, but a person’s own fears and attitude.

And he should know, because Robbins pulled himself out of his own financial turmoil to become a successful multimillionaire.

From Broke to Booming
Born Anthony J. Mahavorick, Tony Robbins describes himself as coming from “humble beginnings.” According to the A&E biography about Robbins, his father worked as a part-time actor and parking lot attendant while his mother, the daughter of a Disney animator, took on the role of bringing him up.

Robbins’ parents divorced when he was seven, and his mother later remarried twice — her third marriage was to former minor league baseball player Jim Robbins. Following his baseball career, Robbins Sr. was employed as a struggling salesman and the family lived on a meager income. The Robbins family often couldn’t afford to celebrate holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Tony Robbins made a promise to himself that one day, he would become so successful that he could afford to help others in need.

Robbins’ kept that promise to himself. Establishing himself as a self-help guru through infomercials and best-selling books like Awaken the Giant Within and Ultimate Power: The New Science of Personal Achievement, Robbins became a millionaire by the time he was 24-years-old. According to, Forbes Magazine estimated his earnings in 2007 to be $30 million.

How to Become Wealthy According to Tony Robbins
Tony Robbins explains that it’s crucial to view money as a tool, rather than a limitation. This is especially important considering the current economic climate; Robbins argues that because the Great Depression created more millionaires than any other period of time in history, today’s depressed economy, which rivals that of the Depression, means there is an abundance of opportunity to grow your own wealth and savings account tremendously.

Using the psychological concept of neuroassociative conditioning, and adding his own… flair, which includes seminars involving  yelling, chanting and walking across hot coals, Tony Robbins assists others in changing their mindsets in a way that makes them more successful in their financial — and personal — lives.

One of Robbins’ latest installments of self-help products is the 3-day “Wealth Mastery” program, which uses strategies and tools developed by the world’s best investors to “build your ultimate financial foundation, eliminate unnecessary risk, protect and preserve your wealth, get and stay out of debt, and take advantage of opportunities that exist in today’s global marketplace.”

It’s hard to believe any person could accomplish all this in just three days, and Robbins has been criticised by many for the fact that the science he uses to support his claims may not, in fact, be so scientific. Even so, whether or not you agree with what Robbins has to say, you have to admit that he’s on to something — because his advice seems to work.

Self-Help Success Stories
I reached out to Robbins-followers to find out what all this motivational speaking and fire walking is really accomplishing. Is there true substance to Robbins’ message, or is all this talk of “Ultimate Power” just nicely-packaged B.S.?

Dave Gambrill of Gambrill Communications told Go Banking Rates that he has learned quite a bit about building wealth from Robbins over the years. One of the biggest lessons he applies to his daily life is having  “an attitude of gratitude.” He explains that positive thinking in daily life allows people to focus on opportunities, rather than obstacles, “When you focus on gratitude and what’s possible, you are much more likely to see things in your environment that will help you reach new levels. When you focus on the negative, guess what you see?”

During his time as a “poor kid in college,” Ian Ippolito picked up Robbin’s book Ultimate Power: The New Science Of Personal Achievement which taught him how to set goals and develop mental discipline. “I used those techniques to create a business from an extra room in my house, which grew to 15 employees and last year did $11.1 million in revenue. I don’t know where I’d be today if I hadn’t picked up Tony’s book back in college and am extremely grateful.”

Perhaps Tony Robbins’ message, when boiled down, isn’t really anything groundbreaking: Think positively, harness your strengths, stop living in fear. Even so, he is the only person who can deliver that message in the unique way that he does, and that message is having a profound effect on the people who listen.

Sure it’s hard to ignore any six-foot-seven, good looking man who can also walk across flaming coals, but Robbins really seems to have the experience and the knowledge to tell everyday people how to save money and become wealthy — the other stuff just helps get his message across.

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