A day in the life of Tony Robbins, who sleeps 3 hours a night before waking up to an 'adrenal support cocktail' and a plunge into freezing water

Tony robbinsCourtesy of Tony Robbins.Tony Robbins, 57, is tireless.
  • Tony Robbins is 57 years old, and regularly works 16-hour days.
  • He typically gets 3-5 hours of sleep, and starts the morning with a 10-minute ‘priming’ exercise.
  • He’s virtually always working with an inner circle of around seven to 10 people who fly around the world with him in his private jet.

The energy you see on stage with Tony Robbins isn’t an act — he brings it to all aspects of his life.

In a typical year, the life coach will travel the world for 60 events (ranging from a few hours to several days), go on media tours for his latest project, monitor the 33 companies he’s invested in, consult businesses and professional sports teams, and work with his small list of one-on-one clients like the investor Paul Tudor Jones.

When he’s on the road, he’ll often only get a few hours of sleep a night, and works to the point of exhaustion.

At 57, Robbins is increasing his list of responsibilities rather than cutting back, and has found daily rituals to help maintain his intense lifestyle.

We recently travelled to Robbins’ Fiji resort Namale, where he was hosting the winners of Shopify’s Build a Bigger Business competition for entrepreneurs.

Robbins has a habit of making last-minute changes to his schedule, and there’s enough variety in his workload that most days don’t look the same, but he gave us an inside look at some recurring themes in his daily life.

Robbins typically wakes up between 7am-9am after getting 3-5 hours of sleep. He starts his morning with a 10-minute 'priming' exercise, which he'll do outside if the weather's nice.

Graham Flanagan/Business Insider

The exercise starts with a set of Robbins' take on an ancient yogic breathing exercise and then moves to a mindfulness meditation, where he focuses on what he's grateful for and what he wants to achieve.

For more details, you can check out our in-depth breakdown.

Robbins regularly has 16-hour days that involve him running and jumping around a stage, and so he needs to stay in shape. Four years ago he hired a full-time personal trainer, Billy Beck III.

Graham Flanagan/Business Insider

Beck is an acclaimed trainer who's worked with high-calibre clientele like Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, NFL and NHL players, boxers, and UFC fighters.

Beck has a residence near Robbins' primary home in Palm Beach and his Fiji home at Namale, and is part of Robbins' inner circle. He trains Robbins nearly every day, with only a couple exceptions per month.

Beck designed a high-intensity, extra short workout for Robbins to do each morning. We had him take us through it.

Graham Flanagan/Business Insider

It only takes 15 minutes but involves brief bursts of maximum exertion while maintaining a very high heart rate.

You can watch Robbins guide me through it.

After maxing out in the gym, Robbins will then spend a few minutes in an extra hot sauna before jumping into a cold plunge. He has both in each of his seven homes, the one exception being an ice-cold river he uses as a cold plunge next to his place in Sun Valley, Idaho.

Graham Flanagan/Business Insider

The experience of enduring intense heat and then becoming immersed in cold water (around 57 degrees F) keeps your heart rate high enough that it's considered part of the morning's workout.

Beck said that he has Robbins do it because it 'improves circulation and wakes your a-- up,' and the freezing plunge 'trains the mind to not hesitate but to act. ... That and we are insane. Ha!'

Robbins has experimented with his diet over the years, but had Beck design a plan for Robbins' metabolism. Robbins isn't what you would call a foodie, and tends to eat the same things every day.

Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images

Beck sent us Robbins' standard meal plan:

Wake up: An 'adrenal support cocktail' composed of a shake made of greens powder, vitamin C, and antioxidants along with capsules of methylated B vitamins mixed with additional nutrients

Breakfast: Free range eggs, organic coconut bread

Lunch: Large green salad, avocado, extra virgin olive oil cold pressed, lemon, Himalayan sea salt

Mid-afternoon: Meal replacement shake

Dinner: Clean organic protein source, roasted potatoes, asparagus, broccoli, coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil

Evening: Meal replacement bar

Ahead of any performance, Robbins will spend time going through sheets of notes he prepared with his team. And if he's going on stage, he'll bounce around on a mini trampoline to get his blood pumping.

'Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru'/Netflix

His events may last an hour, or they may be the better part of three and a half days.

For an event like Unleash the Power Within or Date with Destiny, Robbins may be working with his audience from 9 in the morning up to 1:00 a.m.

Courtesy of Tony Robbins
Tony Robbins.

Robbins offers free admission for special cases, but a ticket to Unleash the Power Within, for example, runs from around $US650 to $US3,000.

Robbins told us that the habit he's held the longest is sitting down with his team at the end of every day and going over what worked and what didn't.

Robbins is virtually always working with an inner circle of around seven to 10 people.

Graham Flanagan/Business Insider

These include personal assistants, executives in his companies, and his trainer Billy.

Robbins began chartering private flights in his 30s, but in 2015 he finally bought his own jet, a preowned Bombardier Global Express XRS.

Graham Flanagan/Business Insider

Robbins told Business Jet Traveller magazine in 2016 that after he bought his own jet, he made a 21-day trip where he gave seminars in Brazil, Toronto, Las Vegas, Sydney, India, and London before returning to his primary home in Florida, and even had a chance to spend two days at Namale in Fiji ahead of his seminar in Australia.

Robbins said he isn't a great golfer, but he still loves playing when he's on his property in Fiji.

Graham Flanagan/Business Insider

Robbins has also been an amateur race car driver since his 20s. He told us that he and his trainer drove through snowy trails in Sweden, where you harmlessly crash into a pile of powder if you lose control.

In addition to his seminars and media tours, Robbins is an investor in and adviser to 33 companies, and directly runs 12 of them.


He recently became an owner in the new Major League Soccer team in Los Angeles, LAFC.

Robbins and his wife Sage have been married since 2001, and she always travels with him, occasionally participating in his events or interviews.

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

Robbins said he also schedules time throughout the year with his four adult children, his brother and sister, and his in-laws.

Robbins has a small batch of personal clients, including the legendary investor Paul Tudor Jones. They began working together in 1993 and correspond daily.

Robbins -- with his 6'7' height and large build -- picks oversized furniture for his homes. He'll fall asleep in an oversized bed typically around 2 or 3 in the morning, and, as his creative director told us, '4 is very standard.'

Graham Flanagan/Business Insider

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