The Cardinals Game Five Bullpen Fiasco Spawned A Hilarious Twitter Account

Tony LaRussa

Photo: AP

Tony LaRussa’s “phone-gate” during game five of the World Series Monday night may have cost his Cardinals a trophy.The inability for his bullpen coach to properly hear LaRussa’s requests resulted in the wrong man pitching to Mike Napoli. And with the bases loaded, Mark Rzepczynski – not Jason Motte, as was intended – gave up a two-run double to the Texas catcher.

The bullpen fiasco hasĀ engulfed World Series discussions ever since. And now the infamous St. Louis ‘pen has its own Twitter following.

And so it begins...

Obviously not.

So you want one Lance Lynn and one Mark Rzep - what?

If Siri could hear that during game five, she really would be the greatest invention ever.

That makes some sense.

This doesn't.

Someone's still a little bitter.

That would make sense...if this was 1985.

Uh oh. What'd LaRussa do this time?

That's a relief (pun intended).

Twitter's played host to some other interesting observations lately.

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