Zappos CEO Reveals His Radical Plans To Change Las Vegas [Presentation]

Tony Hsieh presentation, Zappos

Photo: Aimee Groth, Business Insider

Last night Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh gave a big presentation at Venture For America‘s Summer Celebration, held at the IAC headquarters in New York City.He presented his grand vision for investing $350 million into the City of Las Vegas, where the online shoe retailer is based.

Instead of just investing in the corporate campus, he says he wants to invest in an entire city —including $200 million in real estate and $50 million into tech startups — since the local economy will in turn affect his company’s business.

We caught up with Hsieh briefly before his presentation, and he told us about how the company chose Vegas because San Francisco “wasn’t friendly toward customer service” — and customer service is the lynchpin of his corporate strategy.

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