Tony Hawk's 'Pro Skater HD' Sells 120,000 Copies In One Week After Exclusive Xbox Live Sale

Chris Cole and Tony Hawk.

Photo: Screenshot / YouTube

After an exclusive launch for Xbox Live, Robomodo has revealed Tony Hawk‘s “Pro Skater HD” has sold over 120,000 copies in just one week.The exclusive launch was part of Microsoft’s Summer of Arcade 2012, where, starting July 18 with Tony Hawk’s game, players could score 400 free Microsoft points if they bought three of the five games being released over the next five weeks. The other four games up for grabs are “Wreckateer” (July 25), “Deadlight” (August 1), “Hybrid” (August 8), and “Dust: An Elysian Tail” (August 15). 

Microsoft points allow you to buy more (Microsoft) games, extra maps, missions, and levels on your favourite games, and additional avatar accessories.

Josh Tsui, President of Robomodo, told Gamasutra that sales were staying “very consistent” since “people are more apt to try games that are smaller and downloadable.”

“Pro Skater HD” is the next instalment in Tony Hawk’s skateboarding series and also happens to be the first downloadable game available for Tony Hawk fans. The game will be released for PlayStation in late August and later this year for PC. 

Check out first look of “Pro Skater HD” narrated by Tony Hawk and Chris Cole.

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