The new Tony Hawk game looks like a glitchy disaster

A new “Tony Hawk Pro Skater” game launched on Tuesday for the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.¬†It’s apparently a huge mess.



No joke! Gaming website Eurogamer put together a video breaking down the many issues in the game (they have the PlayStation 4 version with the updates installed).

But that’s not all! Gaming website Polygon has similarly extreme issues — they could barely get the game to run on their Xbox One, and ended up using a bizarre workaround to even get the game to launch. Here’s their video, further detailing the many issues in “Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5.”

Despite the fact that “Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5” has only been available for one day, those who’ve played it are suggesting against picking up the game… Unless you love glitches, of course, in which case you should definitely buy the game, make some funny YouTube videos, and send them to us.

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