Tony Hawk Just Rode A Hoverboard, And This Time It Was For Real

Tony Hawk steps on a real hoverboard. Picture: Tony Hawk/Instagram

Skate legend Tony Hawk has officially lived the dream after riding a real hoverboard.

When the Hendo Hoverboard was launched as a Kickstarter project last month, it came with a video of a guy in a lab coat gliding gracefully up and down a steel halfpipe. The board uses magnets to levitate, so yes, sadly it won’t take you down the street and across the lake just yet.

Regardless, the first thought that came to most watching the halfpipe demo was: “Someone needs to give this thing a workout.” As in, Tony Hawk, who rode one back in March, but it turned out to be a horribly cruel Funny or Die prank.

But now he has a Hendo, and with film crew standing by, he stepped on to see if it’s the real deal. (And if we’re being honest, it’s a bit lame, but it’s Tony Hawk and a real hoverboard.)

He did however, post to his Instagram account that it was the “most 360s he’s ever done”.

UPDATE: It looks like there’s more to come from the shoot. TMZ said Hendo invited Hawk for a three-hour session and Hawk himself is promising a full edit soon at

The Hendo Kickstarter project is well past its funding goal of $250,000, sitting at $440,000 with a month to go.

Eleven of those backers have made the full pledge of $10,000 in order to be first owners, although there’s no mention of the board coming with a metal halfpipe to actually ride it on.

However, the board’s inventor, Greg Henderson, has visions of full metal skateparks and insists he can one day make the board hover over different surfaces.

“This is not the end, this is just the beginning of where this technology can go,” he said.

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