IPod Inventor Tony Fadell May Have Spent $US1.4 Million On An Auction Of One-Of-A-Kind Apple Products

Tony Fadell may have spent $US1.4 million buying one-of-a-kind Apple products designed by Jony Ive and Marc Newson.

Ive and Newson designed a batch of products for an auction to benefit product (RED), the AIDS focused charity group. The prouducts raised millions of dollars for RED.

One of Fadell’s friends took a photo of Fadell with two of the items from the auction — solid gold rose EarPods (iPhone headphones) and a red Mac Pro.

The EarPods sold for $US461,000. And the Mac Pro sold for $US977,000.

We’ve emailed PR contacts at Fadell’s company, Nest as well as the person who took the photos for confirmation about whether he bought them or not. We haven’t heard back.

The funny thing about Fadell buying these limited edition made individually by Ive for (RED) is that there are rumours Fadell and Ive don’t get along.

In a new book on Ive, a source told author Leander Kahney, “Tony was canned [from Apple] because he was battling with Jony. He went to Steve so many times bitching about Jony, but Steve had such a tremendous amount of respect for Jony and their relationship that he sided with Jony, not Tony.”

If Fadell and Ive really had such an acrimonious relationship, it’s hard to believe Fadell would shell out $US1.4 million for what are essentially unique objects whose whole value is tied to Ive’s talents as a designer.

Here’s the photos:

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