Why You Should Be Excited About AOL

tim armstrong, pointing

STARTUP 2011 — We asked Tony Conrad, who just sold his company, About.me, to AOL for a “generous” price, why we should be excited about AOL.

His answer: It has good people running it.

Just like venture capitalists like to say, “invest in people,” Conrad believed that joining AOL was an investment in the smart people at the top like Tim Armstrong, Brad Garlinghouse, and others.

Conrad was a speaker at Startup 2011, and after he got off stage we pulled him aside to ask him about selling his company quickly, and joining AOL.

Below is our short interview.

Tony Conrad is Venture Partner at True Ventures. Conrad is CEO of About.me (sold to AOL). Prior, he was the Founder and CEO of Sphere, acquired by AOL in April 2008. Tony currently serves on the Board of Directors for Automattic/WordPress, WeGame, and VoxPop.