GOLD DIGGER: The Man Who Seduced Asia’s Richest Woman Was Just Charged With Will Forgery

tony chan

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A four-year scandal in Hong Kong finally resulted in charges for businessman Tony Chan. He was charged with will forgery and released to house arrest after paying bail of $2.4 million, according to Sydney Morning Herald.Chan, a professional feng shui geomancer, became lovers with a billionaire widow who was 22 years his senior. Nina Wang, his lover, was the richest woman in Asia, known as “little sweetie” for her pigtails, miniskirts and giggly persona.

When Wang died in 2007, Chan presented a will that would leave her $4 billion fortune to him.

In an earlier will, however, Wang’s fortune was assigned to various charities.

Next came several years of court cases. In February 2010 the Hong Kong High Court ruled that the money belonged to the charities. This week the Hong Kong Justice Department finally brought charges against Chan — who still maintains his innocence.

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