Tony Buzbee Is Ready To Lead “Thousands And Thousands And Thousands” Of Oil Spill Lawsuits

Houston lawyer


Tony Buzbee is already representing 100 fishermen and 12 Deepwater survivors in lawsuits against BP and Transocean.

But that’s just the beginning.

“This is going to be the largest case in the history of the United States, even bigger than the tobacco cases,” Buzbee said. “There will be thousands and thousands and thousands of cases.”

BP is administering its own claims process, which has paid out nearly $30 million. But Buzbee has little doubt where priorities lie for the oil company: “I don’t think anyone will get as much money as their deserve through the administrative process. BP may be paying now, but as this thing continues, knowing BP as I do, eventually people will have to go to court.”

For anyone thinking of claiming damage from BP, Buzbee may even file a claim free of charge. If you don’t like the offer, he will take your case at a 40% contingency fee.

Thousands of oil lawsuits may be consolidated into one case and go to court by late July. The oil rig bloodhound is gunning for lead prosecution.

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