Tony Blair Is Charging His Son's Friends $16 To Party At His Mansion

tony blair

Photo: World Economic Forum via Wikimedia Commons

Millionaire Tony Blair is charging £10 ($16) for a coach place to attend his son’s end of school year house party, according to The Daily Mail.The party is being held in the Blair’s £6 million ($9 million) mansion in Buckinghamshire. Parents have been banned from driving to the event for security reasons.

Blair’s wealth has been estimated at up to £60million ($97million) – a figure that has raised some eyebrows. The complex web of companies under his name have been accused of lacking in transparency and deliberately obscuring his wealth.

The Mail talked to another parent at the school, who works collecting garbage. “‘I think he’s tight charging these people, given the amount of money he’s got. He has made millions out of his book about himself.”

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