Tony Abbott's St Patrick's Day message is patronising, awkward ... and the same as last year's

He really, really, loves the Irish. Picture: YouTube

Try as he might, it seems Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott simply can’t stop offending people.

Today, it’s Ireland, following the launch of Abbott’s St Patrick’s Day message on the Liberal Party’s YouTube account.

We can start by noting the patronising aspect of the attempt by Abbott to endear himself to the Irish by making all the usual references to singing and drinking.

He stopped short of dropping in a “to be sure”, but the Irish Times notes a general concern that he won’t be on hand at any Irish celebrations – for the second year in a row – and the fact that a video aimed at a business crowd fails to mention any mention of “good stories of Irish people in business in Australia”.

“Mr Abbott’s lack of awareness of any of that is astonishing,” one businessman told the Times.

The Irish Examiner simply left it up to Twitter, running a scathing series of tweets and noting it “hasn’t gone down well”.

The video has been handed to both the Irish Australian Chamber of Commerce and the Lansdowne Club, both of which will be holding St Patrick’s Day luncheons today, but the Times reports neither will play it at their event.

It’s just 70 seconds long, but the Landsdowne Club said it couldn’t squeeze it into its run-sheet for the day.

There’s also the dying-inside moment when Abbott reinforces his “climate change is crap” stance by opening with: “It’s safe to say this is the one day of the year when it’s good to be green.”

But the real crime here is the PM’s shameless unoriginality. If you want to really slap an entire racial demographic in the face on the most important day of their year, show you don’t care by rolling out all the same lines as last year.

Such as:
“I wish I could be there to share a Guinness or two or three”…

“At least I have a green tie for the occasion…”

“It’s been said of us that the English made the laws, the Scots made the money and the Irish made the songs”.

Yep, you can hear them all here in Abbott’s 2014 St Patrick’s Day Message:

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