Tony Abbott's sister, Christine Forster, wants to be mayor of Sydney

Christine Forster is the Liberal candidate for mayor of Sydney. Source: Facebook

City of Sydney councillor Christine Forster will challenge Clover Moore for the Sydney lord mayor’s job as the endorsed Liberal candidate at the September council elections.

Forster is the sister of former prime minister Tony Abbott, and a strong proponent of same sex marriage.

She says her older brother won’t be helping out on the campaign beyond being a guest speaker at a fundraising dinner.

“He’s happy to help,” she told ABC radio’s 702.

Independent Clover Moore, who turned 70 last year, has been mayor for 12 years, taking over from Lucy Turnbull. She plans to stand for another four-year term at the 2016 election.

Having given up her seat as NSW MP in 2012 following changes — dubbed the “Get Clover” law — that prevent politicians being in state politics and local government simultaneously, Moore faces an additional challenge at this election after the NSW government also changed the voting rules in the City of Sydney so that business owners, who previously had one optional vote, now have two compulsory votes at the election.

Her rival, Forster, a Surry Hills resident, has made clear her opposition to many of Moore’s initiatives.

“We want to get Sydney back on the front foot. It’s been punching below her weight,” Forster said on 702.

“There’s been a lot of talk, a lot of planning. Now it’s time to get on and deliver some outcomes.”

Forster wants a moratorium on cycle lanes during the current light rail construction period in the CBD, and then a reassessment of the existing network.

“We need to get our traffic patterns and the way people move around this city bedded in… just take a breather,” she said.

She also wants to put a stop to car sharing spaces.

Also on the Liberal candidate’s hit list is the $3.5 million “cloud arch” sculpture over George Street, along with other planned public art.

“It’s not great value for money for the ratepayers,” Forster said.

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