Tony Abbott's Proposal To Bring Back Knights And Dames Is Wildly Unpopular

Australian’s aren’t keen on the return of knights and dames. (Photo by Johannes Simon/Getty Images)

The decision to reinstate the knights and dames into the Australian honours system is proving to be unpopular with voters.

According to today’s Neilsen Poll, published in the AFR, only one third of Australians support the return of British titles to the Order of Australia which Prime Minister Tony Abbott announced last month.

Only 35 per cent of respondents support the decision to bring back the titles and 50 per cent oppose the move.

Abbott was mocked by commentators in the media after he announced the return of the honours and Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull even took a subtle swipe at the PM over his decision to bring the awards back.

Even former PM John Howard said he didn’t want a knighthood. Although according to Abbott he wouldn’t be eligible as the maximum four awards which can be handed out each year are only for those who have “accepted rather than sought public office”.

There’s more at the AFR.

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