Tony Abbott Will Be The Second PM Ever To Move Into Kirribilli House Full-Time

The Abbott Family greets Prince Harry at Kirribilli House. Photo: Getty/ Pool

Tony Abbott is the second prime minister in Australia’s political history to make Kirribilli House his family home after agreeing to move into the official residence following pressure from security advisers.

Reluctant to leave his family home in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Abbott told The Daily Telegraph: “It was my preference to remain at Forestville and in the community where so many friends and interests are. But the security advice is to relocate to an official residence.

“As the Lodge (Canberra) is under repair, this means Kirribilli. This also means Margie can continue with her work and community commitments in Sydney. It is a privilege to be in such accommodation,” he said.

The 160-year-old property was last renovated in the early ’70s and it is estimated that it would cost $10 million to get back to full working order.

Former prime minister John Howard was the first and last prime minister to live at Kirribilli.

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