TONY ABBOTT CLAIMS VICTORY: 'I Pledge Myself To The Service Of My Country'

Tony AbbottTony Abbott claiming victory in Sydney. Getty / Lisa Maree Williams

Tony Abbott is Australia’s Prime Minister-elect after the Coalition won Australia’s Federal Election in a resounding victory.

“In three weeks time the carbon tax will be gone; The boats will be stopped,” Abbott told Liberal Party supporters at the Four Seasons Hotel in Sydney.

Along with the nation’s finances, and infrastructure these goals will be part of an era of conservative rule, from a government which will be judged “by its deeds rather than its mere words.”

At the time of Abbott’s address, the Coalition has secured 88 seats with 10 electorates yet to be decided. Labor had 54.

“From today I declare Australia is under new management,” Abbott said. “You will punish anyone who takes you for granted.”

“I can inform you the Australian Labor Party’s vote is at the lowest level in more than 100 years.”

Abbott’s mentor, John Howard. Photo: Getty Images

Abbott said the Governor General Quentin Bryce would swear in the new government “in a week or so.”

Infighting, back-room deals and numerous leadership changes characterised Labor’s six years in power.

Kevin Rudd’s return to the prime ministership had been hoped to win back voters who had been lost by Julia Gillard as her polling support fell to record lows.

Though its popularity was damaged in the sometimes chaotic leadership tussles, the party passed several key reforms such as a National Disability Insurance Scheme and won support from state governments for substantial increases in education spending.

Polls conducted for a variety of media outlets had widely predicted Labor’s loss, and in the final days of the campaign there was speculation several within the party viewed the ballot simply as a contest to “save the furniture” and hold on to as many seats as possible.

As the final votes are tallied, attention will turn to the Senate, as the nation waits to learn the make up of its new political opposition.

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