Tony Abbott Says The LNP Must Learn From The QLD Election, And Has Requested A Special Cabinet Meeting For Tuesday

Prime Minister Tony Abbott. Photo: Getty / File

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has kept his response to Queensland Premier Campbell Newman’s ousting in the state’s election yesterday brief, admitting there were lessons to be learned.

In a statement Abbott made a similar point to his deputy Warren Truss, who said late last night after the results were announced that no government was safe.

“There are lessons in this result for all governments, including the Federal one,” Abbott said. “The LNP will be looking at them closely.”

The PM has also called for a special cabinet meeting on Tuesday, devoted entirely to planning and strategy for 2015.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports the cabinet meeting, on Tuesday afternoon and all day Wednesday, was already scheduled to go ahead but now expect it was focus on the government’s recent pitfalls.

According to Fairfax, Abbott is expected to give a “state of play” address to open the meeting, followed by the cabinet ministers each setting out their policy priorities and a political discussion.

Since Australia Day, when Abbott knighted Prince Phillip, a number of Liberal members have been disappointed with the PMs leadership, with some suggesting their could be a spill.

Despite Julie Bishop and Malcolm Turnbull both turning down backbenchers who suggested they should challenge Abbott, former Howard government cabinet minister Mal Brough has suggested he may oppose Abbott for his prime ministership.

“Clearly people are talking to each other because we are all interested in doing what’s best for the nation,” he told Fairfax Media.

Abbott’s last chance to make a comeback could present itself when he speaks at the National Press Club tomorrow, where he is expected the discuss the government’s economic framework, plans for the year ahead and what he wants to achieve beyond his pre-election promises.

Here’s his statement in response to Newman’s ousting in full.

I have spoken to Campbell Newman to thank him for his service to Queensland.

Obviously, it has been a very difficult outcome for him and his government.

Campbell Newman can be proud of what his government did to restore Queensland’s finances and to boost its economy.

There are lessons in this result for all governments, including the Federal one.

The LNP will be looking at them closely.

The Federal Government remains fully committed to creating jobs and helping families get ahead.