Tony Abbott says the death cult is 'coming after us' after global terror attacks

A horrific series of terrorism attacks in France, Tunisia and Kuwait on Friday morning, killing more than 60 people, has prompted the Australian government to reconsider its security measures against terrorism.

The Islamic State group has already claimed responsibility for two of the attacks including the suicide attack at a Kuwait mosque and the mass shooting in the Tunisian resort.

“This illustrates, yet again, that as far as the Daesh death cult is concerned, it is coming after us,” said Abbott.

“We may not always feel that we are at war with them, but they certainly think that they are at war with us.”

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has called out on the “horrors associated with Australians going abroad to fight with Daesh” describing it as the “modern form of treason”.

“As we know the death cult is regularly admonishing its supporters and sympathisers around the world to kill – that is what it is doing.

“Regrettably, as we saw in France, all you need for terrorism these days is a knife, a flag, a camera phone and a victim. This is the grim reality that the world faces now.”

Australia is currently in the process of reviewing its citizenship laws for dual citizens who are involved in terrorist activities. Earlier last month, Abbott said up to half the Australians currently fighting overseas with organisations such as ISIL appeared to be dual nationals. Under the proposed legislation, those involved with terrorism activity could have their citizenship revoked by the immigration minister “in the national interest”.

“Our attention always is as far as we humanly can, is to stop people from becoming terrorists and to stop them from coming back,” Abbott said.

“To demonstrate that this is a national security measure (rather than a dual citizenship issue), as part of the citizenship consultation now taking place, the government will consider further measures to stop Australian foreign fighters with no other citizenship from readily returning here,” said Abbott in the Magna Carta Lecture at Parliament House.

As the government continues to review its counter-terrorism measures, Abbott said that “it is more important than ever that we maintain our level of vigilance and that we do everything that we reasonably can to disrupt, degrade and ultimately destroy this death cult at home and abroad”.

“Here at home we are working at every level to keep the community safe,” Abbott said.

“That will continue because the one thing that you will always get from this Government is a strong defence of our nation, its citizens, its interests, its values and a very, very strong determination to do everything we humanly can to keep the people of Australia safe.”

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