Tony Abbott says he flew economy to Europe because 'that's what the people do'

Photo: Dean Purcell-Pool/ Getty.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has likened himself to the “people” of Australia, saying that he and his family fly economy.

“I took the family overseas at Christmas in 2013 and we certainly made the very long trip to Europe in economy class, but you know, that’s what the people do,” Abbott told 2SM radio this morning, during an interview discussing the potential outcome of the Bronwyn Bishop spending scandal.

Last year Abbott flew economy class to Europe for a short family holiday.

The Age reported at the time that Abbott paid for the flights for himself and his family to visit his eldest daughter, Louise, for Christmas in Switzerland.

It was understood he was not interested in an upgrade.

His trip followed a Federal budget which was littered with spending cuts. Read more about that here.

When the host of the radio show, Grant Goldman, asked the prime minister how he was felt his party was going, he said: “The last thing I am going to do is blow my own trumpet or mark my own report card because that is what the public will do… I think a lot of good things are happening.”

His comments about being one of “the people” has caused a stir on Twitter, with many pointing out that most wouldn’t be able to afford to go to Europe to begin with.

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