Tony Abbott Says Australia Is 'Obliged' To Accept Vladimir Putin For G20 Summit

Russian president Vladimir Putin.

The Prime Minister Tony Abbott will accept Russian President Vladimir Putin’s attendance of the G20 Summit.

“Russia is a member of the G20 and as such we are obliged to accept the Russian leader,” Abbott said.

While Abbott agreed there was much to deplore in Russia’s foreign policy, he expects Putin to cooperate fully with the investigation of MH17 and bring forward anyone implicated in the tragedy.

Up to 4000 delegates will attend the 2014 G-20 Australia Summit, to be held in Brisbane from 15-16 November.

Queensland Premier Campbell Newman reminded Australians his staunch views towards President Putin have not changed.

“My views are well known,” Newman said.

“It’s a matter for the G20… I’m sure they [the attendees] will all convey the anger that civilised nations have. That is an opportunity that will be taken.

“It was a terrible tragedy and a crime.”

Earlier this year, Newman said he believed “Queenslanders don’t want him here at the G20.”

Last month Opposition leader Bill Shorten indicated Labor would support a move to ban Putin from attending the global event.

“I understand that the G20 is an international event, (that) it’s not a simple matter of just saying yes or no to Putin,” Shorten said.

“I don’t want to meet Putin. I’ve got no time for what he’s done.”

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