Tony Abbott Just Basically Played The Treason Card Against The ABC

Tony Abbott
Photo: Getty

Tony Abbott has ratcheted up his rhetoric on the ABC, suggesting today it “instinctively takes everyone’s side but Australia’s” in an extraordinary attack on the public broadcaster.

Government figures have criticised the ABC for its reporting on two recent stories: revelations that Australian spies tapped the phones of the Indonesian president and his wife, and asylum seekers’ allegations of ill-treatment at the hands of Australian navy personnel.

In Davos last week Abbott queried the credibility of the asylum seekers’ claims but today widened his attack on the ABC’s journalism. In an interview on Sydney’s 2GB radio station with Ray Hadley, he said: “A lot of people feel at the moment that the ABC instinctively takes everyone’s side but Australia’s.”

“I think it dismays Australians when the national broadcaster appears to take everyone’s side but its own and I think it is a problem.”

He added that the ABC “seemed to delight in broadcasting allegations by a traitor”, in reference to the reporting on documents leaked by Edward Snowden that revealed the phones of Indonesian officials had been tapped.

“The ABC didn’t just report what he said, they took the lead in advertising what he said.”

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