Tony Abbott Is Targeting Hardline Unions With His Industrial Relations Policy

Getty/ Stefan Postles

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has released details of his industrial relations policy, claming it will protect worker pay and conditions, as well as offering them access to flexibility arrangements, reports Business Spectator.

“We want to protect workers pay and conditions, we also want to maximise their opportunities to get good jobs,” Mr Abbott said.

Click here for the announcement and a link to the full policy document

He said that the coalition was taking a hard line against union corruption by re-establishing the Australian Building and Construction Commission – and is establishing greater checks on registered organisations like unions.

“The only people with anything to worry about from this policy are dodgy union officials and their supporters,” Mr Abbott said.

“There has been example after example of rorts, rackets and even corruption inside some important unions.”

He said that while he had respect for the unions, he was equally interested in the rights of non-union workers.

“I understand unions, I respect well-run unions. I understand and respect unionists. But I also understand and respect the 87 per cent of workers in this country who choose not to be members of unions,” he said.

“I want to assure all the workers of Australia – unionised and non-unionised – that they can trust their future in our hands,” he said.

He also said that he would try to have the policy brought before parliament no more than three months after a change of government, and that for the first term of a coalition government it would remain unchanged.

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