Tony Abbott is moving out of Kirribilli House after hosting his 40th high school reunion there

Photo: Lisa Maree Williams/ Getty Images.

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott has left Kirribilli House for the last time, but not without throwing one last party at the official residence.

Abbott returned to his lodgings last night to host his 40th anniversary school reunion gathering 50 old schoolmates from the Saint Ignacious College at Riverview.

Abbott said his farewells at 6.20pm but returned shortly after 7pm to celebrate with the class of ’75 alumni or “Old Ignatians” who had reportedly been planning the privately-funded event for months.

Abbott was decamped from the property after being ousted by Malcolm Turnbull in Monday’s Liberal leadership ballot on Monday. He officially moved out of the luxury residence last night.

“Shortly, Margie and I will be driving out of Kirribilli House for the last time as residents,” he told reporters outside Kirribilli House in Sydney.

“I just want to say in a heartfelt way to the people of Australia, it has been a tremendous honour to be your prime minister and I thank you very, very much indeed.”

Abbott was the second prime minister in Australia’s political history to move into the Kirribilli residence following pressure from security advisers to leave his family home in Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

It is yet to be confirmed whether Turnbull will move into Kirribilli House or the PM’s official residence in Canberra, The Lodge.

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