Tony Abbott survived the leadership and has vowed to ‘end the disunity’ within the partyroom


Prime Minister Tony Abbott has survived the motion for a leadership spill 61 votes to 39.

The 39 votes in favour of the motion to spill the leadership has revealed the scale of discontent with Abbott’s leadership among MPs and Senators.

Abbott addressed the party room following the vote and Western Australia MP Luke Simpkins, the backbencher who called for the spill, told Sky News there was a good chance of reform to the government’s controversial GP payment.

“Greater consultation with the medical profession, so I imagine we’ll see changes later on,” he said.

Business Insider has live coverage of the fallout from the spill vote here.

Last night the Prime Minister made a last minute plea to his MPs, saying the move against him has been “very chastening” and pledging to be “different and better”.

The possibility of a leadership vacancy emerged when Simpkins emailed his party room colleagues late last week, announcing his intentions to move a motion for a spill against the PM.