Tony Abbott denies he was warned by Scott Morrison about the looming Turnbull coup

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Last week 2GB radio host Ray Hadley tried to make the newly-instated federal treasurer Scott Morrison swear on the Bible that he did not betray Tony Abbott when he was dumped as the nation’s prime minister and the Coalition’s leader.

“I gave him (Abbott) everything I had,” Morrison said. “At the end of the day I voted for Tony Abbott. I gave him utter loyalty. I did everything I could to make his government a success… The party made a decision because of the performance of the government.

“I said on Friday (to Abbott) that I thought things were pretty febrile… The only person who offered me the [treasurer] position before ballot was Tony Abbott.”

Abbott now says the claim that Morrison warned him is simply not true.

“Scott never warned anyone,” Abbott told The Daily Telegraph after having a surf in Manly, in what is his first interview since Turnbull rolled him.

“He certainly never warned me. I spoke to him on (the) Friday — not a hint of a warning. So I’m afraid Scott badly misled people. I was doing what I could to save the government, that’s what I was doing.

“Politics is a game of snakes and ladders. I’ve had a few snakes and I’ve had a few ladders.”

This feeling was the same felt by Hadley, the normally Coalition-friendly radio host, during the interview he had with Morrison before Turnbull’s new cabinet was announced.

He pressured Morrison, insistent that he had mislead him about what he knew of the leadership challenge before it happened, and whether there was a deal made to get him the job as treasurer.

“It just seems strange that you are the only being elevated after Tony Abbott,” Hadley said. “Mr Abbott thinks you ran with foxes and hunted with the hounds.”

Morrison defended himself: “I didn’t mislead you on Monday… I haven’t misled you in all the years we have spoken.

“What your suggesting is that only reason he is considering me is because of a deal and that’s rubbish.” Read more about the heated interview here.

Morrison and NSW senator Marise Payne emerged as the biggest winners in the cabinet reshuffle.

Morrison, regarded as one of the government’s best performers, having implemented the Abbott government’s “stop the boats” policies while immigration and border protection minister, before moving to social services last December was handed Joe Hockey’s old job as treasurer. Morrison, 47, has been touted as a future Liberal Party leader.

Payne became the first female minister for defence in Australian history.

The Daily Telegraph has more here.

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