Tony Abbott caught for the second time on camera eating a raw onion

Screenshot: The ABC.

Tony Abbott shocked Australia when he ate a whole, raw onion on TV in March as if it were a fresh apple.

It’s apparently not the first time he’s done it.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has also been caught on camera munching into another onion four years ago.

The ABC posted a Vine of the then Opposition Leader on Wednesday, showing him nibbling on a raw spring onion.

In a short video Abbott numerously bites into the vegetable as the onion farmer watches on.

Back in March Abbott again tucked in when visiting Charlton Farm Produce near Devonport, Tasmania.

He ate the onion raw, skin and all.

Abbott was visiting Charlton Farm Produce near Devonport, Tasmania, when he picked up the onion and ate it, skin-on, merely commenting that it was delicious and not shedding a single tear, the Sydney Morning Herald reports.

At the time social media blew up. See what people had to say about it here.

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