Tony Abbott And Vladimir Putin Have A Date For A Personal Chat Next Week

Tony Abbott. Getty/Brendon Thorne

Prime Minister Tony Abbott will meet Russian President Valdimir Putin in Beijing next week during the APEC leaders summit.

Abbott has previously said he wants to “shirtfront” the Russian president over the MH17 plane crash.

In Moscow, Putin’s foreign policy adviser Yury Ushakov says Russia agreed to the official request by Australia for a meeting in China.

The “short” meeting is set for November 11.

Mr Abbott said there will be an opportunity to met one way or another.

“I’ll be in Beijing with him at the APEC conference, then of course we’re expecting him at the G20 conference in Brisbane (next weekend),” Mr Abbott said.

Mr Abbott wants to question Mr Putin about the role of pro-Russia separatists in the shooting down of the Malaysian Airlines plane over eastern Ukraine.

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