Tonight’s Meetup: Presenter List

NY Tech Meetup usually sends out a list of presenting companies within a day or so of the event, but we haven’t seen one yet, and the meetup’s less than seven hours away. We do have an unofficial list, however, which we’ll update if we get any more info. Update: It’s official. We’ve added Meetup CEO and NYTech Meetup organiser’s Scott Heiferman’s notes below.

Yoinkd – Jing Chen demos, delicious for video
Digicash – Patrick Questembert demos, digital currency – with a twist
organised Wisdom – Steven Krein & Unity Stoakes demo, human-guided, doctor-guided search service for health
Styky – Kunal Gupta demos, next generation mobile phonebook
Newsgroper – Greg Galant & Adam Varga demo, network of fake blogs by newsmakers
Mushygushy – Mike Mendoza demos, photo-personalised animated e-cards w/ 2MM YouTube views since 7/07
Changingthepresent – Robert Tolmach demos ChangingThePresent Facebook App, meaningful $1 gifts