Donald Trump says he has nothing but love for Kanye West -- unless he runs for president

Douglas Gorenstein/NBCWith the help of Jimmy Fallon, Donald Trump interviewed himself on ‘The Tonight Show.’

Donald Trump says he and Kanye West are becoming fast friends. 

On Friday’s “Tonight Show,” Trump made his first late-night appearance since declaring his presidential run. He showed he can have a sense of humour about himself by taking part in a sketch in which he interviews himself. Host Jimmy Fallon played his mirror image. In the sketch, West’s name was brought up as Trump’s possible running mate.

During the actual interview, Fallon challenged Trump to a speed round of questions. During which, Fallon asked Trump about West’s MTV VMA announcement that he would be running for president in 2020.

“Kanye has been so nice to me,” Trump answered. “He always says great things about me, so I love Kanye. You know I like people who are nice to me, right? I love Kanye… Kanye is actually, I know him a little bit, he’s actually a much better person than some people would think.”

Trump did offer a caveat to his remarks on the rapper: “Now, if he runs for office and I happen to be running against him, I’m going to take that all back.

Watch the speed round below (second question) for his thoughts on West:


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