Tonight: NYC Women In Tech

Quick census check: Are you a youngish woman? Do you live in New York? Do you work in tech?

If you answered yes to all three, then we get the impression that there aren’t a lot of you. But we also imagine that there are more of you than we think — you’re just not as visible as the Y-chromosome crowd we normally see at meetups, etc. Also: Sarah Tavel would like too meet you.

Sarah, an analyst at Bessemer Venture Partners, is organising a “Women of Next NY” event at tonight at the Pink Pony (178 Ludlow) at 7pm. Sarah’s off-the-cuff description of the event:

To open up the conversation, I’m hoping to discuss with them *Why* they came to the event. What are we – women in NYC’s tech scene –  hungry for? What are we reacting to? How can we bring the different/varied/fragmented women-in-tech groups together? The objective I have in the back of my mind for this meeting is to see whether this group is a random event, or whether it might become a more consistent community for women in NYC.

Sounds worthwhile to us, though (tellingly?) none of the SAI staff fit the criteria for the event. We’ll be interested to hear how it goes.

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