How's Noah Kagan Turned A Single Cab Ride Into A $250,000+ Payday

Think back to college and that class where you studied a book you’d already read. “Ugh, I’ve already gone through this,” a lot of students said. But then, in the hands of a master professor, you saw the book in an entirely new light. Nuances, details, entire themes — a superb teacher can show you things you never noticed.

There’s nothing like hearing from a master teacher — especially when it comes to hustling.

So tonight, I invited my friend Noah Kagan — founder of Appsumo (great deals), formerly of Facebook, Mint, and Gambit — to share three stories of how he’s hustled to turn rejection into failure, earn ridiculous amounts of money, and befriend hard-to-meet people.

Noah Kagan

Noah Kagan

Photo: Noah Kagan

This is a Master Class on hustling, including:

  • How he got rejected for the job…and still became employee #4 at Mint
  • How he turned a single cab ride into a $250,000+ payday
  • How he convinced a famous venture capitalist to give a $25,000 speech…for free

You’ll learn:

  • How to separate yourself from people who claim they want to hustle…but never take action
  • Techniques to turn anxiety into action — using online tools and psychological mindsets
  • A LIVE experiment where he’ll show you how easy it is to contact important people — and get a favourable response

Noah also recorded a Master Class for Earn1k, which is very expensive, but tonight I convinced him to offer this to my readers for free.

Details of tonight:

  • What: Noah will share 3 stories of hustling, psychological techniques, and then leave plenty of time for Q&A
  • When: Tonight (1/12) at 6pm PT (9pm ET)
  • Where: IMPORTANT: Sign up below to get the secret URL
  • Will be be recorded / waaaa I am in Europe / waaaa other excuse. Please don’t ask about recordings or rescheduling it. If the topics above are important to you, I trust you’ll find a way to be around tonight. Noah’s tips have been priceless to me and I’m asking him for a big favour to appear for you.

Here’s the link to attend:

(In addition to the webcast link, you’ll also get all-new material about hustling, psychology, earning more, and becoming a top performer):

(Can’t see the form? Click here to sign up for the webcast on hustling.)

P.S. Make sure you’ve added your best example of automating positive scripts by leaving a comment on Monday’s post. Remember, the best entry by tonight (1/12) gets an iPad and a 15-minute call with me.

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