The Massive TomorrowWorld Electronic Dance Festival Is Like No Other Music Festival Out There

For three days last week,
more than 100,000 people from all over the world came to Atlanta to experience TomorrowWorld, one of the world’s largest electronic dance festivals.
This wasn’t your average music festival. In fact, it was unlike anything we’d ever seen.

Instead of food trucks and carts, TomorrowWorld had Michelin chefs making gourmet food. Instead of dirty camping grounds, participants camped in “DreamVille,” which had its own newspaper delivered to tents every morning, instead of mud-filled showers, the washing areas were extremely clean.

The launch of TomorrowWorld was a result of incredible demand for TomorrowLand, the decade-old music festival in Belgium. Last year, TomorrowLand turned away two million fans because tickets sold out in mere seconds. “The sheer volume of panicked buyers put the ticketing site on tilt,” wrote Eddie Velosa at The Los Angeles Times. “In a matter of seconds, 180,000 tickets had sold out.”

“Before [the festival] announced it was coming to the U.S., people thought it was coming to Brazil, they thought it was coming to Mexico,” Justin Epstein, spokesperson for TomorrowWorld, told us. “It’s almost like winning the Olympics of house music. It’s like winning the World Cup or the Olympics for your city.”

TomorrowLand was founded by Manu and Michiel Beers, Belgian brothers who describe it as “more exciting than anything we ever dreamed of when we started years ago as young music lovers and entrepreneurs.”

Big DJ names like David Guetta, Hardwell, Steve Aoki ,and Calvin Harris performed alongside local DJs and musicians. The event served as an opportunity for Atlanta to showcase its electronic music talents to the world.

TomorrowWorld took place on the 2,000-acre Bouckaert Farm, located in the Chattahoochee Hills about 20 minutes west of Atlanta.

Everyone was required to show their IDs at the entrance gate. This was a 21+ event.

Directions to the many stages, first aid tent, and DreamVille, the campsite.

Cash is not exchanged at TomorrowWorld. Instead, these tokens are used to purchase food, drinks, and even showers.

It was hard not to appreciate the elaborate main stage. Notice the multiple flags in the audience. This was an international event.

The weather was perfect for a dance festival.

Everywhere you looked, people waved their flags.

Here's a Texas flag waved proudly.

We found this musician in the camping grounds DreamVille.

The festival had its own daily newspaper, which was delivered to tents in DreamVille.

This wasn't your average festival with hot dogs and beer carts. Michelin chefs made gourmet food for attendees.

There were numerous showers available in DreamVille. Impressively, there were sinks (with mirrors!) and water areas throughout TomorrowWorld. All of these areas were kept very clean.

Time to go back to the main stage.

Different areas of the festival were separated by 'the bridge,' which was placed right above a large body of water.

Here are some fans enjoying the music.

The magical festival definitely brought out the mythical creature in everyone.

Most people were in costumes.

Here's what the theatrical main stage looked like at night.

A group of people having a lot of fun.

Throughout the night, there were incredible fireworks shooting for a full 10 minutes at a time.

And there were lights and dancing everywhere.

More lights from this guy.

More dancing from this happy guy.

The music ended around 1:30 a.m. and it was time to head home. But we're glad our night was documented.

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