One of the top golfers in the world is running out of his favourite clubs after they were discontinued — and a rival player is holding a set hostage

Jamie Squire/Getty ImagesTommy Fleetwood is down to his final set of irons heading into the PGA Championship.
  • Tommy Fleetwood, who plays with discontinued Nike VR Pro Blades, is down to his final set of irons heading into the PGA Championship.
  • Fellow Englishman Paul Casey is in a position to help Fleetwood out, possessing an unused pair of the now-rare irons, but he has refused to part ways with them.
  • Casey went on to joke that the only way Fleetwood would get his hands on the irons is if the two players were Ryder Cup teammates.

This Thursday the best golfers in the world will meet at Bellerive to compete for the 2018 PGA Championship.

While most players spend the days leading up to the tournament mapping the course and reading the greens, Tommy Fleetwood had another problem to tackle – finding an extra set of irons.

Fleetwood plays with Nike VR Pro Blade Irons, a holdover from when the brand sponsored his bag. Most players would have had their sponsors replace their set by now, but since Nike halted production on its golf equipment, Fleetwood has been left to take special care of his one remaining, ageing set.

“It stops me from breaking any, that’s for sure,” Fleetwood joked about his predicament, according to “Eventually, I’m going to have find a new set, but I’ve been using these for a long time and they’re still going.”

For a moment it looked as though Fleetwood had possibly found a solution to his predicament – fellow pro Paul Casey apparently has a spare, unused set of Nike VR Pro Blade Irons sitting at home. But despite Fleetwood’s offer to buy the set, Casey has thus far refused to part with the irons.

“They are as rare as rocking horse poo,” Casey said of the clubs. “And I will not sell them to him. Or put it this way, he hasn’t offered me enough money.”

Casey couldn’t resist joking with Fleetwood a bit about the situation, adding, “They look beautiful, by the way, and I haven’t used them. They’re the kind of clubs you could hang on the wall.”

Fleetwood couldn’t help but be frustrated with Casey, but his fellow Englishman did say there was one way Fleetwood could get his hands on the irons he wanted – the Ryder Cup.

“If I hopefully make the Ryder Cup team, and he’s my partner, maybe I’d loan them out to him for the week because I want him to play well,” Casey said. “But I’ll have them right back at the end of the week.”

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