An Ex-Yahoo And Ex-AOLer Teamed-Up To Launch An App To Make Work More Fun, Silly, And Productive

meetup employee wearing bunny ears at work

Working adults spend more time at work than they do anywhere else. 

And there are plenty of apps and Web services  out there for these adults to use while they are working.

Think Yammer, Campfire (the service SAI uses), and good old-fashioned Internet Relay Chat (IRC) clients.

They are all pretty useful.

But, according to a startup called Tomfoolery, none of them are very much fun.

Tomfoolery’s plan is to make apps for the work place that are fun – and almost incidentally useful.

The startup’s first app is called Anchor.

Tomfoolery  says it built Anchor with the actual user (the employee), instead of a company’s chief information officer, in mind. 


Anchor is a social platform for the workplace. It’s like  Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Path, except all the people you connect with are people you know through work.

It’s intended for co-workers to share fun things like photos, recipes, or coordinate happy hours with each other. It’s not about to-do lists, document collaboration, or task management. It’s about strengthening the social connection between co-workers. 

Here’s how it works.

Anyone from a company can sign up and create public or private groups, but you need to have a company email address in order to do so. From there, you simply invite co-workers to the group.

You can also create smaller social circles for things like events, lunch ideas, work out groups and classes, or jokes. You can even have multi-company team chats. 

Anchor is available for iOS and the Web. It’s free for now but the company will likely add some premium features in the future.

Tomfoolery was founded in 2012 by Kakul Srivatasvas, a former VP at Yahoo, Sol Lipman, a former VP of mobile at AOL, Simon Batistoni.

The 10-person company has raised $1.7 million from Morado Ventures, Sutter Hill Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz, AME Cloud Ventures, Brad Garlinghouse, David Tisch, and other angel investors. 

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