'Tomb Raider' Maker Rejects Buyout Bid

Lara Croft

SCi Interactive, the publisher of the Tomb Raider franchise, rejected an offer from an unnamed third party — even though the offer was a “significant premium to the company’s current share price,” TimesOnline reports. SCi said the stock offer still didn’t provide enough value and had concerns about funding.

This bid is probably not from either of the media giants that have been rumoured as buyers — NBC Universal (GE) or Time-Warner (TWX), which owns about 10% of SCi right now.

We’ve said before that SCi is in trouble: Their debt is skyrocketing and they’ve been hurt hard by delays of some of their marquee games. But they still have valuable intellectual property — a hot commodity in the gaming world — so we think it’s just a matter of time before the company gets bought out.

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