Tom Petters To Appeal Guilty Verdict

tom petters

Yesterday, Minnesota businessman Tom Petters was convicted on all 20 counts against him for running a $3.65 billion Ponzi scheme.

Today, he’s appealing.

AP: The attorney for convicted Minnesota businessman Tom Petters says their fight is “far from over” and they plan to appeal.

Jon Hopeman said Thursday that Petters is “doing very well” despite being found guilty on Wednesday of fraud, conspiracy and money laundering.

Hopeman says they can’t file their appeal until U.S. District Judge Richard Kyle sentences Petters, which Hopeman expects will happen in two to four months. Petters likely faces 30 year to life in prison.

Hopeman also says that while Petters’ family couldn’t make it to the courthouse in time to hear the verdict, they’re standing by him with “unconditional love” and say they’ll support him no matter what.

Image: AP/Star Tribune/Jerry Holt

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