Tom Latham Winning For Best Grandstanding On Climate Debate


We’ve been keeping one ear and one eye on the House debate of the energy bill. So far, the best grandstanding move goes to Tom Latham (R-IA) who brought a big box on the floor with him that had a hard hat in it.

He said, (and we’re paraphrasing) “China must be thinking it’s Christmas today, when they see us debating this bill.” Then he walked to the box, pulled out the hard hat, and said, “this is what they get, American jobs!”

We haven’t seen or heard anything better, yet. But we’re optimistic.

We’ll update this as we go, treat the quotes as paraphrases, we can’t type fast enough to nail it exactly…

Dana Rohrbacher (R-CA, Huntington Beach), “The jobs will go to China, and the economy will go to hell…the ice caps are melting because of solar activity…not phony science!”

“We’re going to make a trillion dollar derivative market overnight…if subprime was hard to police how do you police this…you pay for trees in brazil so you can pollute in the U.S.” We think this was Spencer Bachus of Alabama, and it’s relevant point. It will create a weird new market.

George Radanovich (R-CA) “If you love getting oil from Hugo Chavez then you’re going to love getting breakfast, lunch, and dinner from him!”

Charles Rangel (D-NY) “When the Republican party becomes a defender of the poor, it’s a day I’ve been waiting for.”

John Larson (D-CT), he’s really showing us something, very loud, very emotive, very over the top “STAND UP FOR AMERICAN DOMINANCE! LET’S MAKE THE INVESTMENT HERE, NOT IN SAUDI ARABIA!!!”

Just heard someone, but missed the name, say, “Let’s not cave to the twisted desires of radical environmentalists and sign this suicide pact.”

Our miscellaneous thoughts:

There’s also a bunch of people saying that the bill will cost families $3,100 a year, based on an MIT study, which has been thoroughly debunked.

Also, there’s a lot of people talking about how we can’t afford this bill during a recession. By the time it kicks in, the recession should be over.

And while it’s probably pretty obvious, none of these fools are debating each other. They’re just making prepared speeches. We’d like to see a DEBATE already!


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