TOM KEENE: Keep An Eye On The Twitter Vigilantes

tom keene sam roTom Keene and yours truly at Bloomberg’s Summer Picnic

Photo: @bySamRo

Business Insider caught up with Bloomberg’s Tom Keene yesterday at Bloomberg’s Summer Picnic at Randall’s Island. (Bloomberg really knows how to party)Sporting seersucker and a summer beverage, Keene reflected on the euro crisis and the lightning-fast, pithy analysis offered by the twitter vigilantes: the bloggers, the reporters, and the academics who tweet out the first reaction to news seconds after major news breaks.

Keene recently blogged about Twitter’s response to last weekend’s Spanish bank bailout announcement.

“It was stunning, just stunning Saturday, to watch digital media in full force,” he wrote. “The Internet-first crew pummelled Main Stream Media with immediate paragraphs of perspective, then delivered substantial and smart articles as MSM issued tentative first reporting.”

Keene praised some of the most popular Twitter account: Bloomberg’s Linda Yueh (@LindaYueh), ZeroHedge (@zerohedge), Professor Tyler Cowen (@TylerCowen). FT’s Peter Spiegel (@SpiegelPeter), and of course Business Insider’s Joe Weisenthal (@TheStalwart).

As the results of the Greek elections roll out, keep an eye on Twitter to offer the first response once again.

Our Simone Foxman and Joe Weisenthal are covering the election Live at Weisenthal is on the ground in Greece.

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