‘Unconventional’ Dean Wants To Change The Whole Law School System

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Tom Keefe

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The man who recently took the helm of a law school that made negative national headlines recently is tired of the current system and wants to see it change.St. Louis University School of Law’s interim dean Tom Keefe Jr. talked this week with The Madison-St. Clair Record about “this terrible problem with student debt.”

Keefe, who does double duty as a plaintiffs’ lawyer and called himself “unconventional” during the interview, suggested cutting law school curriculum down to two years to save students money.

He took over control of SLU law this semester after former dean Anette Clark penned a very public resignation letter attacking the university’s president for using the law school’s money to keep the entire university afloat and for leaving her out of big decisions.

While it might seem strange for a law school dean to suggest such a drastic change that would take money away from the school, Keefe isn’t alone in wanting to slash the third year of law school.

New York University Law completely revamped its third year of law school and now allows students to study abroad during their third year.

Stanford Law School has also overhauled its third year and now allows students to pursue joint degrees, The New York Times reported in October.

Washington and Lee University School of Law also jumped on the bandwagon and replaced its third year with clinics and outside internships.

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