Tom Hiddleston did some gory research to prepare for his latest movie

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‘High-Rise.’ Magnet Releasing

When it comes to playing a part in a movie, Tom Hiddleston feels most comfortable when he knows everything his character does.

But for his latest movie, “High-Rise” (available on demand April 28 and in theatres May 13), the British actor did some gory research to play pathologist Dr. Robert Laing.

He witnessed a human autopsy being done, as in the movie there is a scene where his character does some work on a severed head (yes, this movie is really gory).

“There was no one I knew who had the authority of how to do this,” Hiddleston told Business Insider while attending the Tribeca Film Festival. “I didn’t have the first clue. So I simply got in touch with a forensic pathologist in a hospital in England, and I went to see him for an afternoon. I went and watched him perform an autopsy on a human corpse, and it was not an easy experience.”

Though his character only briefly does surgery on the deceased, for the actor it was important for him that it looked as authentic as possible.

“If you have to preform something on camera, you want to make sure people who actually do that go, ‘Yeah, that’s how you do that,'” he said. “Whether it’s making an omelet or dissecting a disembodied head.”

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