Tom Hanks roots for White House journalists with a gift: 'Fight for truth'

Tom Hanks sent a gift to the White House press room, along with an encouraging message about their jobs under President Donald Trump.

Reporters in the White House tweeted photos of an espresso machine that Tom Hanks evidently sent to their press room.

“Thankx to @tomhanks for the new coffee machine for the schlubs in the WH press room,” Reuters reporter Steve Holland tweeted.

The coffee machine also came with a note signed by Tom Hanks, which says:

“To the White House Press Corps

“Keep up the good fight for Truth, Justice, and the American Way.

“Especially for the Truth part.”

See the note below:

This apparently isn’t the first time Hanks has gifted journalists in the White House with better coffee. The Los Angeles Times reported in 2010, when former President Barack Obama was in office, that the actor sent the press corps another espresso machine with a note saying:

“I hope this machine will make the 24 hour cycle of news a bit more pleasant. Add water, insert pod, press button and report. All good things. Tom Hanks.”

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