Tom Hanks Torpedoes Screen Actors Guild, Urges Actors To Take Current Studio Deal

After a poorly attended rally two weeks ago, today there was another major sign that the Screen Actors Guild might not be representing the interests of Hollywood’s biggest actors.

AP: Tom Hanks has thrown his support behind a contract deal reached by the smaller of two actors unions, putting his high-profile name against plans by the larger union to wring more concessions from the major Hollywood studios.

Hanks added his name to an e-mail petition urging members to vote for a deal reached May 28 by the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists and avoid another Hollywood work stoppage on the heels of the 100-day writers’ strike, which put many actors out of work.

The Screen Actors Guild continued to negotiate with studios Monday and has urged its members to vote down the AFTRA deal.

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With less than a week before SAG’s contract expires, it’s becoming increasingly clear that even the actors want the union to reach a deal, which means it probably won’t have much support for a strike.

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