Tom Hanks Enters The Game Development Industry With New Jump Games Partnership

Tom Hanks is the latest actor to cross over into video games.

Photo: Getty Images / Jason Merritt

One of the biggest stars in Hollywood, famous for roles in “Forrest Gump,” “Saving Private Ryan” and other films has tossed his hat into the game development ring. Tom Hanks has announced a partnership with Jump Games to bring his animated sci-fi adventure series to gaming platforms like iOS and Android. The game, “Electric City: Revolt,” will be played as an RPG produced by and starring Hanks.”Electric City” is a new push at multi-media engagement, one that has Hanks heavily invested. The new series will be hitting the web simultaneously as the game comes online, both of which are being overseen by Hanks and his production company, Playtone.

The animated series, which debuted on July 17, will feature a total of 20 3-5 minute long episodes on Yahoo Screen. A descriptor for the series from Yahoo says “on the surface, the Electric City is utopia and under the surface, Electric City is secrets and heavy-handed state control.”

Playtone added more on the series from the gaming perspective, saying “We always knew that Electric City was a big, multidimensional story, and that it made sense to present it in a non-traditional way. We felt that games and mobile content would be a great way to explore back story and push the parameters of our world.”

The game is currently available on the Android Play Store as well as the iTunes App Store.

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