The Patriots tried an amazing trick play in the Super Bowl but Tom Brady dropped the pass

  • Tom Brady missed an easy catch after a trick play set him up for a wide open pass from Danny Amendola.
  • The drop on third down meant the Patriots drive stalled and New England had to settle for a field goal.
  • It was the first dropped pass for Brady this season.

Tom Brady missed an easy catch after a trick play left him as a wide open receiver in the Super Bowl.

The play came in the second quarter with the Patriots looking to pick up a big third down in Eagles territory. Tom Brady took the snap out of the shotgun and handed it off to James White, who then pitched the ball back to wide receiver Danny Amendola.

Amendola then tossed Brady an easy throw, with Brady looking at tons of wide open space if he could come down with it. Unfortunately for the Patriots, the ball fell right off of Brady’s hands and incomplete, forcing a field goal attempt for the Patriots.

You can watch the missed opportunity below.

It was Brady’s first dropped pass of the season.

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